Chinese Herbs at Seattle Acupuncture Center

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is at least 2500 years old. Over time, Chinese physicians have systematically observed and classified more than 5000 plant, animal substances according the medicinal effect. Chinese herbal formulas are traditional combinations of herbs designed to acupuncture treatments.

They are usually dispensed in pills, capsules, tinctures, or in raw form, which requires boiling as a tea. Herbal formulas are gentle yet potent. They should be prescribed and taken under the guide and supervision of a certified herbalist.

Western pharmacology is now beginning to acknowledge these natural counterparts without the side effects of processed pharmaceuticals. They are extremely effective in unblocking the flow of Qi and fortifying the internal organs. Chinese herbs are particularly effective with chronic problems as well as the more acute versions of the common cold and flu, which do no respond as readily to Western medicines.